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Cyclone Dusk
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United States
Only Candy Colored Equines Make The Hurting Stop...

Hello! I am not rich enough to be considered Eccentric, so we can just settle on BARKING MAD! I'm scraping by at the bottom of the barrel, scrambling for whatever feeble hoofhold I can to avoid a cataclysmic self-destruction in a glorious blaze of stupid. I'm actively feeding delusions, willfully engaging in cognitive dissonance for fun and profit, and gleefully throwing caution to the wind because any rational person who has been through what I've been through would have given up by now! :D It's a LOT LESS FUN than I make it sound!

As long as I can keep drawing ponies, I'm happy. Please let me know if you'd like me to draw something! I accept donations via Paypal ^_^ but you don't have to give me anything; I just appreciate if you think I deserve something.

If you ever get a crazy generous vibe out of the blue:

Dogecoin: DEj92fFeCJz1jaxv3Jc6UK727ACCKqiP6G
(many beg, such supplicate, very puppydog eyes, wow, so humility)
Dear Princess Celestia,

    Recent days have been exciting and wonderful!

    I have a new job and they actually seem to like me. It's a legitimate office position. I have been better paid in the past, but not better satisfied. It's almost too good to be true. This place, a small family-owned logistics firm that has been operating for 50 years, is not like my previous employers. They don't abuse their employees to exhaustion and then drop them like a bad habit. They don't employ pointlessly draconian policies or perform any corporate brainwashing. They are the real deal. This place is the kind of place where someone can work for their entire life. Many of them have worked there for their entire lives, recruited by the families that work there. I have landed myself in possibly the best place I could hope for, second only to "the one that got away". 

    I have also attempted to compile my current working knowledge of The Magic of Friendship into an essay of sorts, and the early version of it appears to be somewhat well-received on reddit. I will continue appending to this thesis as the pieces continue to come together. I actually feel as though there are a few 'documents' like this in my life that seem to tie everything together... 
  1. My Ethical Creed:
    (The Ends NEVER Justify the Means)
  2. The Relevance Doctrine
    (All relationships are exchanges of relevance, and abuse is the result of an imbalance in relevance)
  3. The Harmony Thesis
    (Magic is real; we just don't call it 'magic'. Friendship is its mechanism, and Harmony is its set of prerequisites)
    They all intertwine a bit. I think I ought to try and prepare a formal explanation of all of these things for anypony who wants to see them. I doubt anypony will, because humanity has worked so hard to enforce the notion that the answers are supposed to be unattainable. I also expect to be thought of as a crackpot. The truth is... after realizing all of this, everything has changed so much for me that none of those potential "consequences" seem particularly important to me. So what if I am punished? I know what the big picture looks like. From where I sit, I am satisfied, even pleased, to not be a predator, scavenging the excess of harmony's fruits; instead, I can enjoy it directly and know that even if I come to bad ends, My Means were Good. Cynicism has collapsed into a formless puddle. An impotent tantrum, to be forgotten was we all grow wiser.

    I also helped two of my IRL friends yesterday, and I shall do so again tonight. There are misfortunes befalling them, but I am here, and I will do absolutely everything I can to mitigate the damage. One's parents are having trouble, the details of which I cannot divulge as a Bond of Loyalty. But I will be driving north tonight after work, and spending some time with people I love with all my heart (for truly, there is no other kind of love). I will be tired come tomorrow, but I have done good means! Let the ends fall as they may!

    Celestia, today I stand a stallion of purpose, because thanks to Harmony, I can trace the threads of my relevance back to the people I love, and despite the howling of the void clawing at the back of my mind, I actually am hopeful that it will never be able to make me feel lost in the world again. 

    However, there is someone else I know... Someone else who is stalked by the same Beast as I. She lives very far away, and through the cruelty of parasites and predators who scavenge relevance and reap benefit from her pain, she has become separated from her mate. I have learned that he lives nearby. Princess, I hope that you will find it within your grasp to guide Sol in granting me the strength I need. I will aid them, if only they will permit me. You know of whom I speak, your highness, though as a Bond of Loyalty I cannot publicly disclose their names in this letter. Thank you for your guidance. 

Emphatically Yours,
Your Vigilant Subject,
Cyclone Dusk

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