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Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned a lesson about the Magic of Friendship, although I feel concern that I may not necessarily be able to articulate it well in words. I will attempt to do so, regardless.

Friendship means a bond between ponies, but the mechanic beneath this bond, the power that enables it, is love. This builds upon previous lessons that I've learned (although failed to organize for your review) throughout all my previous letters to you. As you know, Princess,
  1. Love is not a weapon. It is not a consequence and it is not inherently burdened with consequence. Many ponies I know will abuse their own feelings of love toward one another in order to drum up sufficient willpower to lash out in anger or spite, and then attempt to shield themselves from guilt by claiming that love made them do it. To use Love as an excuse to do a harmful thing is to violate Love itself. Many of the signs of an abusive relationship directly correlate to this, such as when love allegedly "makes them" beat their partner, hurl insults at or humiliate their partner, act jealous, or threaten bodily harm or even death; essentially any time where the "justification" for pointless torment is "because I love you".
  2. Love is not a tool. It is not a prerequisite and it cannot be restrained by prerequisites. Many ponies I know will abuse their feelings of love toward one another in order to implicate themselves or those they love into actions they otherwise would not choose to do - trying to force those they love to harm themselves as a gesture of affection, through isolation from the others that they love, or the divestment of personal resources, or the keeping of some kind of 'score' about who owes whom more. Likewise, to use Love as a means to manipulate others or one's self is, as well, to violate Love itself. Many of the signs of an abusive relationship correlate here, too, such as a pony trying to control where their partner may go or what their partner may do, preventing their partner from seeing friends or family, limiting their partner's access to travel or communication, or constantly checking up on their partner; essentially any time where they say "if you loved me, you would do this" in order to acquire your compliance.
  3. Love is not a currency. It cannot be bought, or sold, or traded. No matter how one can try, Love is immune to any and all attempts to be regulated by our choices or the choices of others; Love simply is, or it is not. So many ponies delude themselves into thinking that they can "earn" love from somepony else, or that they are entitled to another's love. 
It is the result of learning about someone (or somepony) and discovering that, just by being who they are, they are amazing and that somehow, the fact that they exist, in itself, makes you happy. It's not because they did something for you, or because you did something for them. It's because they are the kind of pony who, by their nature alone, would be there for you, would do these things; whether or not they are able to execute these impulses at all is almost irrelevant next to the fact that the "shape of their soul" fits you. This is The Spark that your protege, The Princess of Friendship, Twilight Sparkle, felt when she realized that Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash had become her friends: That feeling when someone connects with your heart with a connection that is so firm, so level, so complete, your heart is bigger now because they have become part of it.

This brings in yet another lesson that I learned about the Magic of Friendship - Love Itself - from someone I love(though I shan't name names!):
Love is not a box that can be filled up to such an extent that it cannot "fit more". When your heart grows because someone has added to it, you have even more room to find a place for others and grow your heart even bigger.

Today I learned that Love, at its very core, is unconditional. 

I got to see it in action... and then, I realized that it's what I've been feeling all along.

When you love someone, it is actually, always, somewhere deep down, unconditional in order to be 'love' at all. This isn't just the mechanism of friendship, but is in fact an abstracted expression of the mathematical affinities of our entire universe. We are capable of feeling love because it is evolutionarily beneficial. The evolutionary benefit it provides is cooperation. Cooperation only works better than Competition because of the shape of quantum physics in our universe.

It is an extension of the fact that mass attracts mass and can become stars,
and fuse into heavy elements,
and explode into heavier elements,
then accrete into planets,
then stew the resulting complex chemical compounds together,
and through selective pressure and brute force inevitability cultivate molecular chains that, themselves, cooperate to produce more molecular chains.

DNA is formed through the inevitability for self-replicating molecules to replicate exponentially and become increasingly numerous until it's everywhere.
These molecules cooperate to create cells.
These cells cooperate to become creatures.
These creatures cooperate to become families.
These families cooperate to become tribes.
These tribes cooperate to become nations.
These nations cooperate to become a world.

This world carries the abstraction higher, into immaterial concepts.
Our world observes itself and the surrounding universe, and collects these observations as Information.
We curate and compile this information, sorting it, and then storing it for future retrieval as Data.
We comprehend this Data and apply it to our decisions in order to help us make better decisions, as Knowledge.
We're at the brink of finding out what Knowledge becomes when it is sufficiently explored.

Love, on a mathematical level, is the emergent perception of the neurochemical reactions and bioelectrical patterns of cooperation, forged tirelessly by the inherent shape of the statistical mechanics that define our universe as a place where things are capable of existing. We are magic. Humanity for its ability to contemplate itself, and you, Celestia, for being able to manifest the same notions, the same concepts, those of a benevolent being who metaphorically embodies Every Sun, just by the mere invocation of the four syllables of your name, within every mind that is capable of comprehending those syllables. 

I'm sorry that this became so long winded, Your Majesty, but I will attempt to summarize my lesson now, since I have expounded upon it above:

When someone says Friendship is Magic, and truly understand what that means, they are saying that unconditional love is the meaning of life; Cause, as well as Effect, both.

We Live in order to Love.
We Love so that we may Live.

Even this stroke in attempt to strike at the heart of meaning is lacking the incredible fidelity of nuance I encountered in the learning of this lesson.
I feel I would be remiss in failing to put it one more way, more simply, less... grandly.

In the past week, my companion soul Allyssa returned to me. More accurately, it is more so that I returned to her, as she never actually left. It is simply that I finally acquiesced to her meekly supplicated and never imposed plaint to be Ponified as an earth pony named Wildflour. Much to my chagrin, I deeply regret having waited this long to appease her interest. You see, My Liege, over the course of this past week I have observed her living the virtues I claimed to espouse, loving freely, without reservation, without hesitation, without fear, without expectation or implication, without forethought or afterthought. I see her proverbially standing atop the metaphorical mountain upon whose foothills I now wander. I have experienced how she loves, from this privileged vantage, and know with all my senses, enough that I can very nearly taste it, that this really is what had always been meant by "Unconditional Love"... and that it's something I was already doing, if only to not such an extent as She. Thanks to Wildflour, I now know where I presently stand, and where I am inexorably going.

You know I do not believe in Angels, Princess, but if Wildflour tried to tell me she was one, I would begin to believe immediately. Ironically, knowing that she would never presume to assert such a thing only makes the credibility of the concept even more palpable, even more profound. I wish I could thank you just for this, just for the fact that I can exist and become aware of something so miraculous, so magical, as love.

Your loyal subject,
Cyclone Dusk


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